Losing sleep or the failure of getting quality sleep can directly influence the weight that you gain.  By not getting a good nights rest your body fails to regenerate in a healthy and productive manner which includes the ability for it to consume the calories that you have had during the course of your day.  As the body tries to replenish the cells throughout you, this restless or inability to sleep adequately puts the body into a state of distress which prevents your organs from consuming nutrients and also as the same time produces additional sugars that it cannot consume.

If not properly addressed or managed, the body itself can have an adverse reaction due to the failure of quality sleep and make a person diabetic.  At Integrative Health and Wellness Center we look to keep patients healthy through all aspects of their life which includes their sleep cycles.  Our staff is here to help you diagnose these unhealthy sleep patterns and how to overcome them and begin your own road of recovery and weight loss.