Exercise and nutritional advice for moms-to-be


Learning your limits while being pregnant can be a challenge for some women that are used to having a very active lifestyle that includes frequent exercise and strenuous activities.  The changes to the female

Exercise and nutritional advice for moms-to-be2019-10-31T20:28:44-05:00

What is Functional Medicine?


Functional Medicine refers to something completely different than what we have now come to know as conventional medicine or the standard model of care. To fully understand what functional medicine is, it is important

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A lack of sleep making you put on weight?


Losing sleep or the failure of getting quality sleep can directly influence the weight that you gain.  By not getting a good nights rest your body fails to regenerate in a healthy and productive manner

A lack of sleep making you put on weight?2019-10-31T20:28:17-05:00
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