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Healthy Living Is Today

Live each day to the fullest with a healthy lifestyle

Too often, people think of “wellness” in the sense of temporary terms. They want to work with doctors and take short term steps to improve their life and “wellness”. However, often times they fall back to their less healthy routines once they are left on their own.

Integrative Health and Wellness Center focuses on the entire body, getting to the root cause of any unpleasant symptom. Thereby focusing on holistic, non-invasive practices and lifestyle changes that mean long-term results for weight loss and health living.

Our chiropractic physicians are skilled at helping patients reach the healthiest version of themselves, including their ideal weight.


At Integrative Health and Wellness Center, we employ a personalized style of medicine that approaches chronic medical conditions with a focus on finding the core imbalances or underlying causes rather than just masking the symptoms. This mindset allows us to better work with people to foster a health and wellness goal with long term implications.

For the chiropractic physicians at Integrative Health and Wellness Center, imparting healthier lifestyle habits to their patients is a service equally as important as adjustments. By making personal recommendations for exercise and diet based on a patient’s individual needs, comfort levels, healing time; your overall health can be boosted with weight loss being a typical result.

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Choosing Healthy Foods

Everything your body needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Nutritional Counseling

We offer nutritional counseling services at Integrative Health and Wellness Center to support your alternative health efforts. You chose a drug-free, natural way of healing from pain or injuries and now, we want to continue your natural journey to boost your health. Our nutritional counseling services include an in-depth evaluation of your current eating habits to provide us a starting platform.

We also look at your health history to determine if food allergies or sensitivities are contributing to your chronic conditions such as celiac disease, fibromyalgia, diabetes, and hypoglycemia. We understand how easy it is to forget the importance of healthy eating toward keeping chronic conditions in check.

Chiropractic Care & Healthy Living

Subluxations of the spine are often direct contributors to weight gain. Nerves throughout the spinal column connect the brain to the rest of the human body. When there are misalignments along these pathways, communication is compromised and signals, such as those that control hunger and eating cues can be affected. Having misalignments leads to chronic pain or decreased range of motion as a result, making the upkeep of a physically active lifestyle far more difficult.

With a combination of chiropractic adjustments and a healthy eating plan that contains the right combination of foods to support your body is essential toward healthy living.

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