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Dr. Kelsey Whitaker, D.C. and Dr. Thomas Ladanyi, D.C. welcome you to visit the newest chiropractic office in Zephyrhills, Florida and begin your own journey to better health and improved living.  Dr. Kelsey Whitaker serves as a Functional Medicine Practitioner as well to better determine the root causes of many patient illnesses to increase better health.  Dr. Whitaker is also certified in the Webster Technique of chiropractic adjustment to help women during pregnancy.

Chiropractic Care
For Zephyrhills

Chiropractic or osteopathic manipulations can be especially helpful in relieving pain for facet joint injuries, osteoarthritis, and sacroiliac joint dysfunction, because such conditions respond well to mobilization.

Dr. Kelsey Whitaker is certified in the Webster Technique of Chiropractic to specifically help women during pregnancy relieve stress and pain.

Increasingly over the past few decades, the medical community has come to accept and recognize chiropractic care as a valid form of treatment for a variety of neuro-musculoskeletal conditions, and as a conservative treatment option for patients with lower back pain. Many medical doctors recognize a chiropractic diagnosis and accept it as the first line of treatment for functional disorders of the entire musculoskeletal system.

Pain Relief & Better Health

Patients of all ages have reported significant relief
after chiropractic therapy from issues such as:

  • joint pain and discomfort
  • chronic headaches
  • sinus problems
  • high blood pressure
  • ear infections
  • arthritis
  • and many other illnesses

Maternity Chiropractic

Relieve the stress your body has during your pregnancy

Allow your body to be more comfortable during your pregnancy and stay healthier as your body transforms. Minimize the stress on your body and keep your own energy levels higher through chiropractic adjustments to ensure your comfort.


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