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Zephyrhills Maternity Chiropractic Care Provided by Dr. Kelsey Whitaker

Promoting Healthy Experiences During Pregnancy

Enjoy your pregnancy more and feel great

During pregnancy, the body goes through amazing changes. With the spine, pelvis, and other parts of the body moving around during every stage of a pregnancy, misalignment can occur within your body, causing disorders that can affect the nerves, muscles, or organs.

Dr. Kelsey Whitaker is certified the the Webster Technique which is a method of care to help women during pregnancy.

Benefits of chiropractic care during pregnancy:

  • Decreased lower back pain
  • Reduce or eliminate headaches
  • Reduction of nerve pain
  • Decreases joint pain

Chiropractic care promotes a comfortable pregnancy

With the body changing drastically, the spinal column and pelvis move to accommodate a child and the extra weight. Risk of misalignments and interference of the nervous system can increase as pregnancy continues. These and other changes can result in a more difficult passage for the baby during delivery.

Enjoy pregnancy with medication-free chiropractic treatments

Chiropractic care has been shown to decrease labor time, reduce the need for pain medications, and may even reduce the incidence of post-partum. Those who are pregnant come to chiropractors with problems such as heartburn, morning sickness, low back pain, breech babies, sciatica, swollen ankles and feet, headaches, and constipation.

Pregnancy And Travel
During pregnancy, women may travel and it is important to understand the differences that affect both you and your child. By making sure your are properly adjusted prior to leaving will increase your comfort level and offer a better travel experience for you.

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